NOV 30, DEC 01, 02, 2017

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Why Bangladesh

Ceramic industry of Bangladesh is a booming sector and the growth potential of both domestic and international market indicates it may become one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for the country. Over the years, the Ceramic industry in Bangladesh has flourished immensely and has gained recognition throughout the world. Quality of products has helped Bangladesh to carve a niche in the global market; the manufacturers in this sector are taking risks while diversifying their designs into world-class standards. Furthermore, the natural gas that is used in the kilns of the Bangladesh's ceramic industry does not contain any sulphur and that is why the country's ceramic products look brighter and shiny. The close competitors of Bangladesh are China and India, but they mostly produce traditional items. Moreover, due to recent global financial crisis and rising labor cost, the developed countries are placing more orders to low-cost countries like Bangladesh.

With the increasing demand of Ceramic & allied products both at the domestic and international markets, all major Bangladeshi ceramic companies have been expanding their plants and operations. As a result, there is enough scope for foreign exporters keen to explore the overseas market as well as investors seeking joint ventures in the Ceramic and allied sectors. While the exporters can pick up the aforesaid opportunities, foreign investors could consider setting up JVs with Bangladesh's local companies looking for potential partners capable of providing machineries, Equipments and Raw materials on long term credit. Bangladeshi ceramic products are exported to about 50 countries.